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Blake & Janette MacKinnon

Blake & Janette both trained at art school in London. Blake in ceramics and jewellery at Central School and Janette in ceramics at Croydon College. Blake was in charge of the ceramics department at Portsmouth College of Art and subsequently Croydon College.Both Blake and Janette have some years of workshop experience in Norfolk, where in partnership with Pete Norris they made commercial ceramics for Colman's of Norwich and tiles for Friedland Chimes. Then in 1991 they bought a stone ruin which they renovated and at the same time built their current workshop.They produce a wide range of ceramic designer jewellery made using their own porcelain and terracotta beads.
They say "All our ceramic is high fired to achieve a dense, hard, non-porous quality and much of it is tumbled to a smooth tactile finish. This gives us the choice of using unglazed or selectively glazed beads along side fully glazed ones. We also use enamels and lustres to complement the wide range of colours we have available and pay great attention to the detail, quality of material, finish and feel of our work."

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