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Robert & Sheila Fournier variously worked in thrown and hand-built earthenware, stoneware and porcelain, making tableware and decorative items. They settled in Lacock in 1971, turning the old workhouse building into their home and studios.

It was here, that Robert produced his signature pieces, a range of 'pebble pots' based on natural forms, decorated with areas of raw clay and poured, white glaze and small areas of saturated colour. He was renowned for producing a bright turquoise colour. At Lacock Sheila produced a range of thrown ware, and used brushed wax-resist beneath the glaze to decorate her pieces. 

Robert is as well known for his many reference books and his role in establishing the Craftsmen (now Crafts) Potters Association as for his ceramic work. Robert co-wrote British Studio Potters Marks, which shows all the makers marks and stamps used in the UK by studio potters, and is still considered an essential publication by many makers and collectors. Robert collaborated with John Anderson to produce documentary films about makers including Rosemary Wren, David Leach and Isaac Button. Today these films serve as records of working practices in the late 1960s and 70s. His archive of early material relating to the Crafts Potters Association now forms the basis of the Ceramic Archive at Aberystwyth.

Robert Fournier
Robert & Sheila retired from potting in 1987, and David & Simone McDowell took over Lacock Pottery. Sheila died in 2000, and Robert in 2008. Robert Fournier publications >>




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